For Companies

Are you seeking opportunities for internships experience placements at your organization? At Limitless Interns, we are constantly searching for companies where we can connect our enthusiastic and motivated Dutch students. Our primary objective is to provide comprehensive assistance, guidance, and support to both your organization and the aspiring candidates, ensuring a successful and fulfilling experience for all parties involved.  

Our approach is transparent, free from binding contracts. Whether you’re interested in a one-time placement or looking to engage with our services regularly, we accommodate your needs.  

What are the benefits for businesses in partnering with Limitless Interns? 

Fresh Perspectives: Gain a new and innovative outlook on your business processes through the eyes of our interns.  

Time Efficiency: Recruiting a motivated intern can be time-consuming. Let us streamline the process by handling tasks such as vacancy creation, scheduling interviews, and candidate selection.  

Quality Matches: We carefully introduce only those students who align with your requirements, ensuring valuable and purposeful job interviews.  

Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom of working with Limitless Interns without being bound by contracts.  

Ongoing Support: Limitless Interns remains actively involved throughout the internship, providing support to both the intern and your organization.

How does Limitless Interns operate? 

What do we expect from you as internship organization?
  • Open communication about new job opportunities;
  • A commitment to granting priority to interns we place;
  • Keeping us informed facilitates efficient matching, while prioritizing our candidates showcases a mutual dedication to successful collaborations.